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Laurie Grupp

Associate Professor

Contact Information:


Feinstein Academic Center 302


Ph.D. - New Mexico State University

Selected Presentations:

Grupp, L. Lilly Conference Series on College and University Teaching and Learning. , Austin, TX - "Paper: How Two Heads are Better than One: An In-Depth Consideration of Interdisciplinary Collaborative Teaching" January, 2014

Grupp, L. CIRCLE Conference on International Research on Cross-Cultural Education. , El Paso, TX - "Paper: Mixed Messages: Understanding Success and Navigating Pathways to Postsecondary Experiences" June, 2012

Grupp, L. American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education. , Chicago, IL - "Paper: Envisioning Effective Language Instruction for all Students" February, 2012

Grupp, L. Ethnography in Education Research Forum. , Philadelphia, PA - "Immigration and Migration: Ethnography in Education in Dynamic Times and Spaces" February, 2011

Grupp, L. Leadership for Equity and Excellence. , Phoenix, AZ - "Exploring Cultural Differences in Setting Educational Goals for English Language Learners with and without Disabilities" February, 2010

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