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Elementary and Special Education

Our program trains students to approach elementary-level education with an appreciation of individual differences and an understanding of ways to meet those differences. Our central focus is to prepare — in an inclusive and diverse setting — future teachers to educate all children.

Throughout this program, students develop an understanding of effective elementary curriculum and pedagogy, as well as knowledge of individual differences and strategies to differentiate instruction and implement specialized supports to meet students’ academic and behavioral needs. With the support of our dedicated faculty members, students who graduate from our program will have earned dual certification in elementary (grades 1-6) and special (grades 1-6) education. Ours is one of the few programs in New England that offers this dual-certificate program at the undergraduate level.

As a result, our graduates are highly sought after by elementary and middle school principals. They are licensed to teach in Rhode Island upon graduation and can transfer their certificate to more than 45 states.

Alumni Outcomes

86% of 2015-2017 elementary and secondary education graduates are employed and/or attending graduate school

  • 54% are employed only
  • 16% are attending school only
  • 16% are employed and attending school

Places of Employment/Service

Schools throughout the United States, including New York • Connecticut • Massachusetts • Rhode Island • Maine • Texas • Ohio • New Jersey

Selected Graduate Schools

Adelphi University • Boston College • Boston University • Merrimack College • New York University • Providence College • Sacred Heart University • Teachers College, Columbia University • Vanderbilt University