Catherine Keating

Assistant Professor

Contact Information:


Harkins Hall 321


Ph.D. - University of Michigan

Selected Presentations:

Keating, C. National Technology & Social Science Conference. , Las Vegas, NV - "Enrollment Gap Between Male & Female Students in Post-Secondary Education: A Longitudinal Study" , 2013

Keating, C. Council for Exceptional Children. Council for Exceptional Children, San Antonio, TX - "Developing Transition Plans for College Bound Hospitalized Students with TBI"; Session" April, 2013

Keating, C. American Speech Hearing Language Association. American Speech Hearing Language Association, Atlanta, GA - "Knowledge for College: After a Brain Injury" November, 2012

Keating, C. Council for Exceptional Children. , Denver, CO - "Presentation: Traumatic Brain Injury Hospitalization to School Reentry Using Free iPad Apps" April, 2012

Keating, C. American Speech, Language and Hearing Association. , San Diego, CA - "Posters: Attention, Attention: Talk All About It! & Transitioning Culturally, Linguistically Diverse Hospitalized TBI Children Back to School" November, 2011

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