Laura Hauerwas


Contact Information:


Harkins Hall 318


Ph.D. - Northwestern University

Area(s) of Expertise:

Reading and Writing, Specific learning disabilities, language learning, global learning, teacher education

Selected Publications:

Hauerwas, L. Capperucci, D. Salvadori, I. (2023) In C. Ullom & N. Guler (Ed.), Modeling Global Teaching Pedagogies in Virtual Exchange. Rowman & Littlefield

Hauerwas, L. Gomez-Barreto, I. Boix Mansilla, V. Fernandez, R. (2023) Transformative innovation in teacher education: Research toward a critical global didactica.. Teaching and Teacher Education.(123),

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Zipke, M. Hauerwas, L. (2018) Factors that contribute to educational linguistics knowledge in our teacher education program. Teacher Education and Practice.

Hauerwas, L. Mahon, J. (2017) Secondary teachers' experiences with students with disabilities: examining the global landscape.. International Journal of Inclusive Education.(22), 306-322.

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Hauerwas, L. Brown, R. Scott, A. (2013) SLD and RTI: An Analysis of the Guidance Provided to Multidisciplinary Teams by State Department of Education Regulations and Guidance Documents. Exceptional Children.(80), 101-120.

Selected Presentations:

Hauerwas, L. Hos, R. Crawford, E. Comparative and International Education Society. Comparative and International Education Society, Washington DC - "Co-Constructing Spaces for Reimagining Learning in Glocal Partnerships for Teacher Development" February, 2023

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Hauerwas, L. Council for Exceptional Children. , San Diego, CA - "Presentation: Content Area Progress Monitoring: Vocabulary-Matching CBM's in a Middle School RTI Process" April, 2015

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Hauerwas, L. American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education & Learning Disability Association. , Chicago, IL - "Paper: Envisioning Effective Language Instruction for all Students" February, 2012

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